We provide our services to collect Construction and Demolition Waste and dispose of as per Dubai Municipality norms and in most economical and environment- friendly way. Most of the construction & demolition waste generated in Dubai is aimed for recycling into usable road and construction based aggregate thus helping to save environment. We offer construction and demolition waste collection and disposal services at most competitive and attractive contract rates. For free assessment and quote for your construction waste disposal needs, please feel free to contact us


We provide various sizes of Open Top Skips(8, 10 and 12 CBM) for collecting General, Municipal Solid Waste from Commercial, Industrial, Workshops, Residential, Hotels, Malls, Labour Camps, Educational Institutes, Government entities etc. at very competitive contract rates. Our round the clock waste collection and disposal services as per Dubai Municipality guidelines will help solve your waste disposal concerns.


We offer our specialized and dedicated service in collecting waste papers (card boards, old newspapers, books, magazines, paper cuttings, office waste) on short and long term contract basis at very good rates. We provide exclusive services to Malls, Hypermarkete, Supermarkets, Printing & Packaging industries, Hotels, Restaurants, Government,Semi government organizations & Social Clubs, by deploying our trained manpower, necessary waste paper disposal cages and bins for day to day collection of waste papers. The waste papers collected are recycled and reused which in turn saves hundreds of trees Nurturing Nature


Every year hundreds and thousands of tons plastic waste end up in landfill polluting the planet at an alarming level. Ninety percent of plastic waste is trashed and dumped which takes more than 400 years to decompose polluting land and sea affecting human, animals and marine lives. We collect recyclable plastic waste at very good rates on short or long term contract basis.


We collect all types of Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Scrap & Metal Waste and offer very competitive rates on buik. Please contact us for free assessment and quote for your metal waste.

Benefits of Waste Management

Saving Natural Resources: It is a matter of serious concern for us when we see that many natural resources such as trees, gas, and water are diminishing very rapidly. We all know that paper, cupboards, paper cups, and many other products are made from trees. However, trees are cut down on a large scale every year and new trees are not replacing them at the rate they are cut. Therefore, we should think to recycle paper products so that there is no need of cutting new trees. It is also quite possible to reuse plastic and metal items. Some countries have established certain sites where people can bring and sell old newspapers, metal items, or glass. These products are recycled and used again. Producing energy: Recycling is a great way to produce energy. By recycling something, we save energy because more energy is usually needed to produce a new item. For example, it is possible to get energy from recycling the waste. In Mukesh Ambani’s house, garbage is used to create electricity. It is reported that electricity is generating from the waste by a special system in their house. First, the dry and wet wastes are separated, after which the electricity is generated. Electricity in such a large house is being produced by recycling the wastes. Reduce pollution: Recycling is a one of the most powerful tools to save nature and humanity. Making more people aware is a contribution in a better future. The more people start to manage their waste, the better planet we will have to live in. Apart from leaving a lot of waste, humanity pollutes the environment by producing various products. Factories considerably pollute the atmosphere with smoke by manufacturing processes. Recycling reduces pollution and helps save energy. Sounds like a win-win solution. Recycling Rubbish: Rubbish is a big problem for aquatic life too. A lot of rubbish is thrown away into the sea and ocean. There are large areas of waste called “waste islands,” which are made of rubbish that has been accumulated in one place. Recycling rubbish is important for nature and humanity. Recycling begins with rubbish management. It means that paper items can be collected into a paper bin for paper waste, glass into a glass bin and so on.

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